YACOB is a seamless nutrition management ecosystem platform that creates the most efficient communication and operational flow between children, parents, schools and food vendors in the UAE.

The YACOB platform has been crafted to offer solutions for the pain points of all stakeholders in the ecosystem - parents, schools, food vendors.

Parents do not have enough visibility on their children’s food spend and intake.
Schools strive to build feedback channels with parents and children about the students’ nutrition.
Food vendors do not have the capacity to customize service offerings in order to healthily sustain their business.

YACOB is working with top local schools and food vendors as well as leading global nutrition and wellness institutes to establish a recognized standard for student health assessment.

The team at YACOB is continuously identifying and exploring new opportunities in nutrition research in the MENA region - from exploring the potential to emphasize dietary patterns instead of single dietary exposures to the importance of early life nutrition and up to the complex correlation between nutrition and the other environmental factors.
The platform’s capacity to create a unified and digital big picture also provides a much needed level of transparency across the ecosystem which generates the opportunity for government policymakers to further enhance standards for children’s health assessment data nationwide.

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